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Dr. Claud Anderson,
President and Founder
of The Harvest Institute
Legal Suit Filed by Harvest Institute Freedmen Federation

In November 2006, The Harvest Institute joined with the Black Indians United Legal Defense and Education Fund to form The Harvest Institute Freedman Federation (HIFF). The new organization filed a ground-breaking legal complaint in the United States Federal Court in Washington, D.C. against the United States Department of Interior and its Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). (See Winter 2007 issue of this newsletter.) This is one of the most important economic justice actions the Harvest Institute has taken on behalf of Black America and we are Playing to Win.

The complaint is based on Indian treaties of 1865 and 1866 with the United States government. The HIFF’s Complaint seeks legal redress and civil and property rights of the descendants of Black Freedmen and Black Indians. It asks that The Department of Interior comply with the 1865 and 1866 treaties and establish contemporary procedures to distribute the allotments of land and other benefits such as tax exempt status, free college education, rights to own and build casinos, annual income allotments and medical, health and housing services.

The treaties of 1865 and 1866 were new treaties that were necessary after the Civil War, because the slave-holding Indian tribes (all of the civilized tribes.) had rejected Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclaimation, the 13th Amendment, and by fighting on the side of the Southern Confederacy to preserve slavery, Indians had nullified all previous treaties. 

Although the Complaint could result in direct benefits to those who become part of the class action, and those with Dawes Numbers, it has important implications for all Black Americans, especially in respect to reparations.

The Harvest Institute is funding this action with funds set aside for advocacy activities and is engaged in what has now become a lengthy battle. We have assembled a stellar legal team, and our legal issue is sound. Now we seek your financial help to ensure that we have enough money to complete the full course of legal action.

We hope our education efforts have helped people understand the issue. On behalf of the Board of The Harvest Institute, the Harvest Institute Freedman Federation and Black America, We thank you for your support of this effort. We have continued this legal battle since 2006 and we see it to conclusion.