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Harvest Institute Summer 2014 Newsletter
Harvest Institute Report Archives
Immigration Harms Black America, page 4
Affirmative Action and Immigration, pages 1, 6
Did You Know? Pig Makes Hero, page 16
President’s Message, pages 1, 2
Will Black Scholars Have Jobs? page 17
PowerNomics on the Move,  Detroit,Los Angles, Philadelphia page 19

Medical Alert,  pages 1,6
Harvest Institute Files Lawsuit,  pages 1, 4
Did You Know? First Black Female Aviator, page 9
President’s Message, page 2
Immigrants Changing Definition of White, page 10
Harvest Institute Supports FAIR, page 5 
PowerNomics on the Move, page 16
Bring Back Black, page 13
BIG’s Bold Stand, page 12

Nation’s First Seafood Factory Opens 3
Anderson Pulls Plug on Detroit Project 1,2
President’s Message: Why We Keep Losing 1,7
Blacks to Lose Elected Offices 5
Did you know? The Real McCoy 18
Medical Alert Update 16
HI Raises Funds to Support Legal Action 12
Boundary Lines 14
Urban Center Policy, page 1
Indian Treaty Lawsuit, page 1
Update on Fish Factory, page 13
Estate Planning, page 8
Did You Know? Black Blood-Heritage, page 10

President’s Message, page 1
Water Shortages, page 2
The Flag Our Nation’s First Terrorists, page 10
Status of Indian Lawsuit, page 11
Change to Digital, page 13
Financial Turmoil, page 15
Did You Know? What is Racism? page 17
Report on Waterland Fisheries, page 18
How Should I Vote? page 18 
Urban Farming, page 19
Report on Waterland Fisheries, page  20
Occupy Till I Come, page 21